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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 16 years, 5 months ago


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Dear Friends,
I'm writing to a group of close friends to share with you some very nice news that I got this morning by phone from Brussels.
I entered an eLearning Award competition of the European Union with my two blogs (each one a separate entry) and I'm one of the finalists (category is a surprise!) who will receive a cash prize (for the school) in Brussels next Dec. 6 at an Education Conference with Ministers of Education from different countries. You can take a look here:
Eminent Conference  http://eminent.eun.org/
I'm thrilled and still digesting the "fantastic news" that makes me very proud of my students and of my regular BaW and WiA collaborators" without whom none of this would have been possible. My sincere "thank you" to all who collaborated with me and believed in what I was doing.Naturally, I'm also very proud of myself!   :-)
There were 561 entries, but I don't know how many finalists. I believe that I'm the only one of 60 Portuguese proposals.
I will be emailing BaW and Evonline2002 after I come back with photos, etc. Joao will be traveling with me.
I just couldn't stand not to share the news with very special friends.
Beijinhos all,      Teresa



Dear Tere,

Congratulations!!!!!  This is really exciting news!  You deserve it, without a doubt.  Brava!!!!!!!


Nina (Liakos)  (MD, USA)



This is simply fantastic, and no one deserves it better than you!
Clarinha (aka Claire B. Siskin)   (PA, USA)




What a Fantabulous news!YESSSS!

561entries!! You *should*be proud of yourself.

You deserve it and much much more.You are an inspirer  of all of us and a crazy teacher who plants those seeds of encouragement, enthusiastic and learning in a creative and fun way.

Wish you the best of the best, as we say in Arabic.

Tight hugs,

Hala (Fawzi)   (Sudan)



Hi Tere--

And so well deserved!

Isn't it nice to be recognized for your contributions to global learning!


--Elizabeth   (CA, USA)



I second what Hala said, Teresa!!  That is an amazing accomplishment!  Many congratulations to you and your incredibly lovely students!
Paula  (Brussels, Belgium)
P.S.  If you need a place to stay, my home is a bit out of Brussels, but I have a room with your name on it and I'll drive you wherever you need to go.  :-)



Wow Teresa--that's fantastic!!!!!!!! Congratulations and tons of terrific tight hugs!
Jane (Petring)   (Quebec, Canada)



Hi Teresa!

That is great! Congratulations! Fantastic Teresa!



Fernanda (Rodrigues)   (Portugal)



Dear Teresa,

This is just fantastic news! It's just the reflex of passionate teaching, believing in the power of education to help your kids become informed citizens of the 21st century. You are an inspiration to us all and to your kids. I'm sure they must be thrilled as much as you are! I'd love to see the reaction of the administrators of your school!

Parabéns. Você nos inspira a sermos melhores educadores e acreditarmos no que fazemos.

Please, ask João to take a lot of photos!!!


Carla (Arena)   (FL, USA)



Dear Teresa,

it is indeed fantastic news but not surprising news. It is just the confirmation of your hard work and dedication. It does pay off in the end. Congrats. you deserve it. you are a winner. I am proud of you. Thanks for mentoring us all the time with such a collection of good examples and good will.


cristina (Costa)  (England)



Dear Tere,

Congratulations. We are very proud of you and your students; you've always been an invaluable asset to our community, WiA, and to teachers worldwide. Frankly, I wasn't surprised by the fantastic news, as you do deserve it. Your devotion and contribution to the profession speak for themselves through your work for your students, Webheads, and teachers wherever in the world.

You are an inspiration to many of us; and I'd like to second Tom Robb when he once described you as a "World's Teacher"; indeed.

Way to go!


Buth (Al-Othman)   (Kuwait)



Hi Tere!

That's wonderful!! You deserve every Euro of it!  I hope there is still money left after you pay for transportaton to Brussels to pick up the reward -- or will that be included, too??


 Tom (Robb)   (Japan)



Olá, my friend Teresa--and everyone!

This is absolutely marvelous, and it's also 1000% deserved: Parabéns! What you've done for and with your students in Parede is a model for what CMC and CMT/L can and should be.

By the way, are the finalists listed anywhere? I didn't see anything like that at the portal.

You should be proud of yourself--and also of your students.

I was amazed at how many proposals came from Portugal . . . at first. However, after I took a few minutes to reflect and thought about you, Cristina, Fernanda, Ramona, those involved with Ecola 2, and many others, it suddenly seemed only natural that there should be a lot of proposals from there.

I was pleased, by the way, to see a number of proposals from Romania.

I can't wait to see the photos!

Enjoy Brussels! I've been there only once, and that was a very long time in the past (about 40 years ago!!!), but I still have fond memories, especially of La Grand-Place. Travel well and have a fantastic time there!

And I'm sure that all of us are just as thrilled as you are!

Muitos beijinhos e fuertes abraços para você também!

Otra vez, meus felicitações!
And of course, my best regards to João, too!
Dennis (Oliver)   (AZ, USA)



This is brilliant Teresa. Congratulations. I'd be proud of myself too :-) And thank you for sharing the news.

- Michael (Coghlan)   (Australia)





congratulations, WONDERFUL TEACHER and FRIEND !
Your friends CHEER and toast to your well-deserved success...!!
( I'd also love to see certain people at your school after the piece of news ;-)))
Wish I could hug you and celebrate together!
Rita (Zeinstejer)   (Argentina)



Here's another BIG hug from me! Congratulations Tere :-) Your success is Webheads' success.
 Aiden (Yeh)   (Taiwan)



Thanks for including me on your list of friends.  I went on to the eminent site and it seems they have the right approach.  I tagged the site eminent2007 in my del.icio.us and if you blog it be sure and tag it the same way.  It looks like we can also follow your photos on flickr if you tag them there, and someone should register that tag with David Warlick's hitchhikr site.

 Well, congratulations on being among the finalists.  As do many webheads, you work hard at your craft and deserve recognition for perseverence and creativity.  
Can't wait to hear more through Webheads,
Vance (Stevens)   (UAE)



Dear Teresa, what wonderful news.

A very well deserved honor and recognition to your expertise, kindness,

generosity, creativity and so many other things that are hard to express in

words but the positive vibrations you spread over the world are simply

magnificent and part of all your fantastic qualities. I am so proud of you and

so happy I have met you.

Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful group of people you consider

your colleagues and friends. I hope to meet you someday in the near future.

Muchos besos y cariños,

Berta (Leiva)    (Venezuela)



Hi Tere:
I am so happy for you.  You have worked hard and are certainly a professional educator with a passion for leading our youth into this dynamic and often turbulent 21st Century.  My heartfelt congradulations to you.  I know you and Joao will enjoy your time in Brussels, their frets, mussels and exotic beers.
Andy Pincon  (IL, USA)



Hi Tere,

This is excellent news!  Well done to you and those lovely learners in Portugal!

I hope you and Joao enjoy the chips, chocolates and Christmas lights!  December 6 is a special day too, so watch out for the le Père Fouettard

Hugs to you!

Moira (Hunter)   (France)





Another stellar accomplishment!  Way to go!  You deserve all the recognition you get for being innovative and setting such a good example.  Well done!
Ramona (Dietrich)    (Portugal)



Dear Teresa,

I was delighted to read that once again, you have hit the jackpot and one that you richly deserve.  At this point in life it's wonderful to see that all of the effort and creativity that you have expended over your years of trying to go against the mainstream with, heaven forbid....something as intimidating as technology, is now paying off with the accolades that you so richly deserve.

Yikes, Tere...did I write that last verbose passage?  Ummm, I'm developing into a regular wind bag, eh? LOL

Love and blessings to you from a very cold and expecting snow tomorrow, Boston.

Sharon (Holdner)   (MA, USA)



Dearest Teresinha,

Tons of hugs for you! You really deserve this prize. I

am so proud of you and your students. Bravoooo!!!!

Sorry I did not reply before. I have been attending a

F2F seminar with Graham Stanley and the whole week has

been very hectic, no time to read email.

I wonder what the administration in your school will

say about your prize. Tell us!

Enjoy your trip to Brussels :-)


Daf (Gonzalez)   (Venezuela)





Dear Dafninha,

I am so thrilled to be receiving this award, because it is also a BaW and WiA award and of how much I/we both have learned and taught.

Lots of hugs and beijinhos,




My dear Tere,

your pride is well deserved and your persistent work in Parede is exemplary; a long lasting demonstration how your young beginner students may enjoy world wide communication  with experimental  web 2.0 multimedia

I'm certainly going to blog this and will look forward to learn the result. I am sure that your school would benefit from the reward, and hopefully this would also be an eye opener to leaders in your local community of less web savvy teachers!

yours, Sus (Nyrop)   (Denmark)





Dearest friends,
Thank you for your lovely and very heartwarming messages. They felt/fell so good!
It's great to have such close friends all over the world and to have received so many enthusiastic messages.
I'm still enjoying this very special moment. My parents are very happy and proud, and so are Joao and my two sons, and my brothers and other relatives.
Joao and I will be traveling on Thursday morning to Brussels. The awards cerimony is at 5.15 pm local time and then there's a gala dinner. Then we stay till Sunday to do some sightseeing. Paula, hope you get in touch with me.   :-)
I still don't know which category I've won, nor the prize. It's a surprise! I love surprises. I know that I can say a few words, so I'll take my PDA with me and record what I say and send you. After all, it is an elearning award and my PDA is a big part of my eteaching and elearning.
BTW, this is also a Webheads award, because that's where most of my online change started and where I got the know-how to do what I do. So... kudos to you all!
Thank you again! Beijinhos,     Teresa





Super, fantastique, bravo pour les élèves, pour la professeur et pour le Portugal.
Un abfrazo desde Colombia (Jean Michel Chaupart)



Congratulations Teresa!

You and your students more than deserve it! Break a leg in Brussels 

and show them what the Portuguese Webheads can do!

Looking forward to the photos and your impressions.


Bee (Dieu)   (Brazil)



Dear Teresa,
Congratulations on your and your students' success!!!  :)
I'm very proud of you and I'm absolutely positive that you well deserve the prestigious award for your outstanding work.
Have a nice weekend in Brussels!
Janos (Blasszauer)    (Hungary)





Teresa, this is awesome!!!! Congratulations, your hard work and dedication has paid off!!!  Chris Johnson   (WA, USA)





Dear friends,

I have been in Brussels since Thursday where I received the European Union

International eLearning Award 2007. It was a Gold Prize, I believe in the

category of "the school of the future". I must say that I blocked out when I

saw the CALL Lessons 2005-2007 blog on the big screen and I don't remember a

word of what was said. There was suspense till the last minute about who was

winning what! A mini Oscar Ceremony!!!!   ;-)

I was given a chance to say how honored I was with this award, above all, to

dedicate the award to my students in the project and to all the dear BaWers and

WiAers who participated in it. The ceremony was very nice. There were 13

finalists from Iceland to Israel. We were referred to as "a group of excellence

who was doing amazing work" by the President of the jury. A very pleasant Gala

dinner on Thursday closed our very exciting day.

There was a prize in cash and a fabulous Smartboard from my sponsor, SmartTech.

In half an hour Joao and I are meeting Paula Emmert for a brunch. It's going to

be very exciting!

Photos will be up asap.

Thank you once again to all those who participated in my project and to these

two wonderful communities, BaW and WiA, without which this award would not have

been possible.

Hugs and beijinhos all,     Teresa





My very very dear friend Teresinha!!!!
MORE THAN CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN!!! I sent you my congratulations on this so well deserved award..., and it seems you did not get it...:-((((
For some reason, our messages are getting lost in the cyberspace somewhere!!!! I haven't received ANY of those you mention with a draft, I am sorry to say.
Anyway, the good thing of all is that you have truly enjoyed your trip, that it was a balm to your tired body and spirit (what else, with the efforts you make and the stamina you put in everything you do !!!!)
Well, I hope this bag of vitamins has a lasting effect..., until your next trip!
BTW, it may well be the one to Manhattan, which we'll enjoy together...;-)
Hugs to Joao, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS for you!!!!!
Rita   (Argentina)




The prize could only go to you and we all knew it from the very beginning

:-). Congratulations again. The work you have been doing at your school and

your involvement with BaW and WiA during these years has been exemplary. I

hope that now that you have won the award, the school and other teachers

will finally decide to model after you. So proud of you !!!

Warm hugs from Brazil,

Bee  (Brazil)



Congratulations, Teresa.

Bill (Williams)   (Portugal)



Congratulations Teresa:


  Every Webhead feel proud of you !!! Thanks for sharing and for your constant inspiration.


  Hugs from Del Valle in Argentina


  Susana (Canelo)



Dear Teresa,


  What great news! You deserve it! And we´re so proud of  you!



  Isabel (Teixeira) from Brazil



Dear Teresa,


Congratulations on your and your students' success.

I'm very proud of you and I'm absolutely positive that you well deserve the

prestigious award for your outstanding work.


Janos (Blasszauer)   (Hungary)


Dear Teresa,

Congratulations on your receiving the European Union International

eLearning Award 2007!  It's really exciting news!

Lots of hugs,

Cora (Chen)   (CA, USA)



Congratulations, Teresa. You are deserved to this price and much, much more.


  Warm hugs,

  Horacio   (Venezuela)





  What great news! Congratulations!!!!  It's a well-deserved award. Enjoy it! As a WIA member, I'm proud of you. 

  Warm hugs from Caracas,

  Evelyn (Izquierdo)



Congratulations, Teresa. This is really amazing. I am proud of you.

Joao (Alves)   (Portugal)



Dear Teresa, congratulations on this new recognition to your work.

a big hug from Argentina, Nelba Quintana :)




  I am soo proud of you!

  Congratulations and way to go!! ( whose words are these?)


  Hala   (Sudan)





  Of course you won . . . .  Congratulations on another job well done.  Your dedication and determination are your keys to success.  You are indeed an inspiration to us all.

  Once again, congrats and WELL DONE!


   Ramona  (Portugal)



A big congratulations to Teresa from the east coast of the USA.

Sharon (Betts)   (ME, USA)





Dear Teresa
A huge well done to you!
Enjoy it all!
ana (falcon)   (Brazil)



Hi Teresa!


This is absolutely fantastic news - congratulations on the award! Your

dedication and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all!!!

Um grande abraço,

Mônica (Veado)   (Brazil)



Dear Teresa,

  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on the well-deserved recognition and award.  You certainly do deserve it.  

   Um abraco,

Elisabeth Fernandes (Japan)



Fantastic - an inspiration to us all - very well done!

Paddy (Greenleaf)   (Portugal)



Congratulations Teresa!

A well deserved award! I am so happy that your wonderful work has been

recognised in this way.

Raising a virtual glass in your honour,

Graham (Stanley)  (Spain)



Hi, Tere,

I thought Bee did a great job of saying what I'd like to say, too.


Chris Jones  (UAE)




This is just further confirmation of what we already knew: You are a star!


Clarinha   (PA, USA)



Fantastic, Tere!!  I hope you didn't have to lug the Smartboard home with you! :-)


  Tom (Robb)   (Japan)



Many congratulations to you and your students Teresa!

Best wishes

Pete (Travis)   (UK)



Dearest Teresinha,

Even though I have congratulated you privately, I have

to join the WiA crowd to say again that this is a

highly deserved prize for you and your students :-)


You have had our recognition since 2002 when we

started in WiA, and this international prize is just a

confirmation of what we have known all along. I am

sure your students will love the Smartboard :-)


A tight warm hug,

Daf   (Venezuela)



Dear Teresa,

This is truely a well-deserved price for you, and your students too

have been very wonderful. I therefore congratulate you million times.

I consider this another honour to webheads family.

Keep it up Teresa


Lawan (Dalha)   (Nigeria)



It's rarely any surprise when a Webhead is recognized for an exceptional award.


In this case, it comes as /no/ surprise that Teresa has been so

accorded. The absolute truth is that all those who have followed her

work, either inside her classrooms, or at various conferences, or via

virtual means, -- all those will easily join in our applause.


Somewhat related, yesterday I watched Al Gore accept his Nobel and

could not help myself but think that it is sad that the world of

education doesn't have a prize as well known as the Nobel. If there

was such a prize, people like Teresa, and many, many, many other

Webheads, would be frequent nominees. (Part of the reason we put on

Global Learn Day was to provide a stage and megaphone....as it turns

out, way, way, way too small for those who helped with the

scaffolding --- and those to whom our spotlight was pointed.



Happily, all this also brings to mind Barbara Dieu and Teresa Almeida

d'Eca -- The Portuguese Twins -- who, like Mr. Gore, performed their

keynote role with grace, acumen and profundity.


Congratulations Teresa for your award. Thank you Barbara and Teresa

for your contributions to our event.


Thank you Webheads for valuable work of an extraordinary kind.


John Hibbs  (OR, USA)



Dear Teresa, great award  I am very happy for you. Congratulations!!!!
Emma (Miliani)    (Italy)




You deserve it!!! I'm so proud to be in this group of Webheads.

You are opening a new path to teachers and to the use of technology. 

Congratulations and enjoy it!!!

Hugs and kisses from México

(and flowers and mariachi XD)




My dear Teresa, 

You really are a special teacher and a true inspiration to us all!

It was thanks to you I started blogging :) Congratulations!

Will we meet in the next APPI event? I really hope so.


Susana (Araujo)   (Portugal)



Tere dearest,


More clapping from another friend, who knows of your dedication, of the

quality of your work, of the investment of time and effort and of joy

as well in all your commitments, with your students, with your

colleagues, with everybody who got lucky enough to approach your wisdom

and generosity.


Congrats once again, now in public, you deserve loud applause!!!

Rita   (Argentina)




I am super proud of you and am looking forward to seeing the photos

and your new award winning work!!  Webheads are great!

baci, Susan   (Italy)




Parabéns, dear Teresa and students, Parabéns!


I am absolutely unsurprised to learn that the 2005-2007 CALL Lessons won a gold prize at the EUN eLearning Awards 2007 ceremony—but I am wonderfully happy to learn that you have gained even wider recognition for the outstanding work that you're doing.


What a shining example you are for all who are interested in computer-mediated teaching and learning!




Com muitos fuertes abraços—


Dennis in Phoenix   (USA)






Bravo Teresa! And it's not as if you don't have a whole lot of other

stuff happening in your life. You do a remarkable job. Enjoy the smartboard!


- Michael   (Australia)



Dear Teresa,

Congrats from all my heart. I'm very happy for you. Like others said before, the award is well deserved and in the right hands. You are a great teacher.

Hugs from Slovenia,

Sasa (Sirk)



WoW! tere! Wow, again and again! Way to go dear Tere... Once more

Webheads keep on shining their very beautiful light!  Tere and her

students rocks!!!!  [=D>]

A warm hug to you, your students and your family... everyone must be

really warm in the hearts and I'm sure that they have a smile on their

faces like me right now.


Doris3m   (Venezuela)



Congratulations for your award! You really deserve it!

best wishes

Isabel Neves (Escola Secundaria de Benavente)    (Portugal)






Olá, meu amiga querida.
I was very proud to read this from the EUN ELearning Awards entry page:
"SMART Technologies award for the school of the future
Teresa Almeida d'Eca, CALL Lessons 2005-2007, Portugal
PRIZE: a cheque for €2,000, a crystal trophy and as equipment one SMART classroom technology package (SMART Board(TM) 680 interactive whiteboard, pair of USB speakers for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Senteo(TM) interactive response system (32-remote set) and SMART Ideas(TM) concept-mapping software (teacher license)."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Felicitações! Parabens! Very, very well deserved!

Um abraçp grande—

Dennis (Oliver)   (AZ, USA)





Congratulations, Teresa! Thanks for sharing the information. I definitely will add that to the January newsletter!


Warm Hugs, BJ   (PA, USA)



Congratulations, Teresa.  I'm glad you announced this because I wasn't

aware.  It's really good to hear that all your dedication has been

recognized.  Not only that, your students get tremendous reinforcement from

this.  Who knows what wonderfully positive effects this will have on

them...and that you have on them.


Lots of hugs (from Goetz, too)  Barb   (Germany)


Goetz says "WOW!"





Dear friends,


A very special "Thank you" to all those who sent me very warm and enthusiastic messages about my eLearning Award 2007. It's wonderful and very heartwarming to know that I have so many friends all over the world! I plan to create a page or wiki with all the messages and a slideshow with photos from the awards ceremony.


Wishing you all and your families a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of peace, health, happiness and... many successes.


Beijinhos,    Teresa





Dear Teresa!


You are a celebrity on the eve of Christmas and New Year!!! It's a

good sign. I am happy for you and your kids, who are the happiest ones

to have such a wonderful teacher!


Big Hug,


Nina (aka nagora)  (Ukraine)






Dear Teresa,


Once again, congratulations on your recent well-earned honours.  It feels great to be in the spotlight.  These awards of the past two years are the recognition that you so richly deserved.  It's a wonderful thing to have happen at this point in your career!


Continued success in the New Year.  Good things always happen for special people. :-)


Love and blessings from Baah-stunn,


Sharon   (MA, USA)





Teresa! I have been away from my computer for quite a while, and I missed those messages about your award, but this is so impressive! Your students are the lucky ones! Because of teachers like you, there are more students who are delighted to learn. Thank you so much for what you are doing! I am truly proud to be one of your students - I am going to tell about your award to my colleagues and boast that I had a chance to 'know' you on-line. Thank you for the wiki - you have a long list of congrats which proves you deserve them. The photos are impressive - I can tell the event was fabulous!

Warm hello from cold Siberia,

Vera (Bobkova)






By the way, a belated congratulations on your well-deserved award!
Larry (Ferlazzo)    (CA, USA)
Can you visit the blog http://linguatice.motime.com where you'll see a post about the award you won last december?
This is a new blog I began at the end of 2007 and now I am trying to include different posts before I'll try to divulgate it to the teachers of langugages in latinamerica...I still think that it's possible to motivate some of our colleagues to use ICT.
Congratulatios for you and your students for the award...and thanks for all your cooperation with me.
Un abrazo
Jean Michel CHAUPART

Bucaramanga, Colombia





[To Baw08 participants]

I had a two-hour interview by a national radio station about my recent international "eLearning Award 2007" and my work with ICTs since 1996. It was fun. I had never been to a radio studio, only to a TV studio back in 1999. The interviewer was a very pleasant person, who had explored my work online very well.

The interview is in Portuguese and includes music that I like, so if the

Portuguese-speaking participants are interested, I'll give you the Web

address as soon as I get it.

Hugs,   Teresa



Dear Teresa,

Nice to hear about the interview!!! Iam happy for you!

Unfortunately I do not speak Portuguese :-(


Zsofi (from Hungary, also winner of the eLearning Awards 2007)



Dear Teresa,

  I would like to join Zsoia in congratulating you on your international "e-Learning Award 2007" and the interview on the national radio! 


  Though I do not speak a single word in Portugese, I would love to listen to your interview and the wonderful music you mentioned :-)


  It just occurred to me that in case there is a transcript in English, we could learn a bit of Portugese :-)

  My heartiest congratulations!


  Elfina  (Russia)





Deare Teresa,

A deep heartedly Congratulations!

I would also love to ehar your favourite music in Portuguese!

Did you take photo for the Studio?


Hala  (Sudan)



Dear Elfina and Zsofi,


Thank you for your very warm "congratulations" messages. I thought it was quite interesting to be invited to talk about a very special part of my career that started in 1996, the point in time when I delved into a whole "new world", ICTs in education.


I'm just now listening to the interview. It's at



There is no English script, so you'll have a great chance to learn

Portuguese.  :-)


Hugs both,    Teresa




Dear Teresa,


 I am joining in with everyone else  with my warmest congratulations

on your getting  international

"e-Learning Award 2007" and the interview on the national radio!


I feel very happy to   meet you and  learn under your guidance.


Thank you for the  work that you are doing for the international

Community of teachers interested in ICT


With best wishes,


Natalia Malkina  (Russia)



Chat with Dafne at YM

dafne: Love the interview

teresa: thanks, dafninha 

teresa: it was an interesting experience and the guy is very nice

dafne: you can now be hired as an anchor person ;-)

teresa: lol

dafne: you sound so calm

teresa: i was. very much at ease

dafne: very professional!

teresa: wow!  < blushing >

dafne: :-))

teresa: the only thing i didn't like saying was that my school was good, but i didn't want to start "washing dirty laundry" and decided to be socially correct

dafne: of course

teresa: and the guy had researched me a lot. he knew a lot about my work and was very enthusiastic about it

dafne: a good presenter





Dear Teresa,

  It´s so nice to hear your Portuguese that sounds a little different from ours! "Miudos" is really a nice word for "children".We never use that word in this way here in Brazil.I also loved the interviewer´s voice !

  In fact, it´s so nice to see your work being recognized ! Now you´re really famous!

  Nice to be here again this year!

  Um grande abraço,

  Isabel Teixiera (Brazil)



Dear Teresa,

Along with the others, I would like to congratulate you on your award.  That's wonderful!  Thanks for sending the link to the radio interview. 

Sally La Luzerne-Oi (Wisconsin, USA)





Dearest Teresa!


Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award! This 

is so impressive, but not surprising, considering the innovative 

work with have done on the CALL Lessons blog! It is also amazing 

what you have been able to accomplish with such young learners 

who are at the beginning levels of language proficiency. Very 

exciting and well deserved!


Best regards,


Maria Dantas-Whitney (TESOL)





My Dear, dearest Friend Teresa,

Once again I just want to congratulate you for the prize and the recognition of your fabulous work.

It doesn't come as a surprise but as something that makes me happy and smile.

I am very, very proud of you and really honored to be your friend.

I am sure your students and friends feel the same.

Anyway, just to send you a virtual-real, very tight and felt hug.

beijinhos too

cristina (Manchester, England)

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